HTTP4e is an Eclipse plugin that helps you quickly build HTTP REST packets enabling you to easily test and create REST Service and Web Service calls.


Eclipse HTTP Client (HTTP4e)  is an Eclipse plugin for making HTTP and RESTful calls. Build with user experience in mind, it simplifies the developer/QA job of testing Web Services, REST, JSON and HTTP. It is a useful tool for your daily job of  HTTP header tampering and hacking.



Auto Suggest (CTRL + SPACE)

Raw, Pretty, JSON, HEX, Browser response view

SSL/HTTPS and Unicode support

Basic/Digest authentication


Parameterize Headers/Params editor

Import raw HTTP packet, HTTP4e script or Firefox’s Live HTTP Headers

One click Code generation

  • Java, JavaScript, Prototype, jQuery
  • Flex, ActionScript
  • C#, VisualBasic
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Cocoa
  • JMeter

Export your tabs as JMeter test script

One click HTML Report generation (using “Export all tabs as HTTP4e script”)

Parameters to URL mapping, Parameters to Body mapping

Body “@file_path” loads the file content into Request payload

Multipart Form uploading several files

Aptana & Flash Builder Ready

Aptana Flash Builder HTTP4e REST

The Features:

  • Making/Replaying an HTTP call directly from Eclipse IDE
  • Visual Editors for HTTP headers, parameters and body
  • Tabbed browsing (allowing replaying different RESTful, HTTP calls on separate tabs)
  • History support (persisting your valuable REST calls)
  • One-click  HTTP code generation to Java, PHP, C#, Flex/ActionScript, Cocoa/Objective-C, Ruby, Python and Visual Basic
  • One-click JMeter script generation
  • Import and export HTTP4e replay script
  • Export HTTP sessions as HTML report
  • Import raw HTTP packets and Firefox’s Live HTTP headers
  • Aesthetic UI, Code assist, Headers auto-suggest, Syntax coloring
  • “Raw”, “Pretty”, “Hex”, “Browser” and “JSON” views
  • Proxy Configuration
  • BASIC and DIGEST Authentication
  • SSL/HTTPS support
  • Unicode UTF8 support
  • HTTP tampering
  • Tab renaming
  • Available on Windows, MacOS X, Linux, Solaris




  • Java 5+
  • Eclipse 3.2+

Tips and Tricks:

  • Execute HTTP Request Key Binding  CTRL + SHIFT + R
  • Auto Complete commands is CTRL + SPACE. It will open the auto suggest dialog with HTTP headers and relevant header values.
  • History Suggest in Headers and Parameters keeps track of your typing history and smartly auto suggest on next similar header or parameter. Keys to trigger CTRL + SPACE.
  • Panel Expand: Double clicking on any panel expands it.
  • Tabs: Want to make a new request on a new tab? Click the tab button or simply double click on the tab area to open new tab.
  • File Import to POST Body. Typing a POST request is tedious and error prone. You can import external text data to Body panel by Clicking the “Add file” browse button or use @file_path to load the file content as a request payload.
  • Tab renaming option allowing to name each of your tabs

What’s kept us busy?

Version 4.x:

  • Tab Rename option
  • Fixing large payload memory leaks
  • Multipart form uploading several files
  • Parameterization of Headers and Params
  • JSON Color syntax highlighting

Version 3.x:

  • @file abilities to load external payload to body by simply passing @/file/path
  • Export HTTP sessions report as HTML
  • Export and import HTTP4e replay script
  • Importing raw HTTP packets
  • Importing http packets directly from Firefox’s Live HTTPHeaders
  • Enhancing tabs
  • Fixing Pretty view XML formatting
  • JMeterone click script generation
  • PHP, Flex/ActionScript, Cocoa/Objective-C, Ruby, Pythonone click script generation
  • C#, Visual Basic.NETone click script generation
  • JavaScript, Prototype, jQuery one click script generation
  • Apache HTTP Components 4.x one click code generation

Version 2.x:

  • BASIC and DIGEST Authentication
  • Proxy Configuration
  • UTF8 Unicode support
  • Improving fonts on Linux
  • Persisting packets on Mac OSX
  • Improving Mac OS X 10.x fonts
  • JSON View
  • SSL https support.
  • Java one click code generation